Hi, I’m Paul Guilfoyle, a personal and business success coach from the UK.

When clients started to call me their success coach I struggled at first thinking of myself as such. Then I really started to appreciate that success means very different things to different people. With that simple insight, at last I found my true calling and equipped myself to help clients grow their business, make more money and really start to make sense of it all… helping them discover what they truly want from life whilst taking steps to fulfill their dreams.

Success isn’t just about having more money. Most people say they want more money but they also want more time. More freedom. Of course money is important but so is joy, happiness, friends, and loving family and relationships.

When it comes down to it people agree that ultimate success actually requires 3 things-

1 You must decide exactly what you want.
2. You must develop a strategy to take action. Take the steps required to achieve your desired aim.
3. Develop the skill to recognize which steps are taking you closer to your goal and which are taking you further away.

Everyone can achieve their goal through trial and error. Unfortunately trial and error takes that most precious commodity of all, time. With trial and error you will run out of time. It inevitably leads to under achievement at best and outright failure at worse.

Fortunately there is a fix to the trial and error problem which I’ll happily let you in on if you’re interested.

If you decide what you do want is to grow a business, you need to know about the four things required to do just that. The first two, generating leads and converting those leads into customers go a long way to achieving that objective.

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