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Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m Paul Guilfoyle, a UK Chartered Accountant, business coach and internet profits consultant. I’ve done what most accountants have never done;successfully grown and sold my own business.So, as well as being able to help people survive the challenges of the UK accounting and tax compliance burden, I help keep their finger on the financial pulse utilising skills and experience I’ve developed over many years…helping you start or grow any business offline or online, or simply creating additional revenue streams.As the saying goes “many streams make a river.” It’s even been known for me to help individuals quit a job they hate!

Success means very different things to different people.Most people say they want more money but when it comes down to it they actually want more than just money.More money perhaps but also more time. More freedom to enjoy the money they make, more joy, more love, more happiness! Together we focus not only on historic data used to fulfill your necessary compliance requirements, but on the numbers that really matter in growing your business.

So many small business owners end up working the longest hours, are often the lowest paid in the business and never able to get away from the business to take a decent length holiday. We’ll work together to prevent you from becoming trapped by your own business.

My mission is simple…helping you discover exactly what success means to you before taking action to a create the business vehicle which is there to serve whatever is your purpose in life and business.


Below you’ll find a link to my free report The Simple 4 Step Success Plan revealing what you must do to achieve your own ultimate success…And you’ll learn how to overcome some of the biggest obstacles holding you back in business and life. You also have instant access to my video presentation walking you through a private coaching session. It’s been created so as to replicate a live session… as if you were coming to me as a private client. As well as the 4 step plan the video reveals an important online business success metric. And we’ll cover the 5 things to do to make money from ANY business.

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Please feel free to get in touch. My best email for this is guilconsultant (at) Tell me a little about yourself and your business and any issues you’re facing. Do you feel stuck in any way? I’ll be happy to help as much as I can absolutely free.

I’m here to provide value. I expect nothing in return. There really are no hoops to go through to access this great free content. No payment is necessary, no sign up or even  an email address is required. You have  immediate access from this page but if you’d like to keep in touch that’s fine. If not, that’s fine too but if you prefer I’ll be happy to add you to my free Success Wire regular mailings list. Just copy and paste the aweber address below and send a blank email-

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