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In a short presentation Dean Holland, the founder of “INTERNETPROFITS”, reveals what he claims is a new and controversial way, for anybody who’s failed to make money online so far, to quickly experience thousand dollar paydays and start seeing five figures a month of pure profit even if they’ve never made a penny online before and have no idea where to begin.

The crazy side benefit of this revolutionary new solution he says  is that even if everything you’ve done so far hasn’t worked or if you’ve been too confused to even get started you might have a distinct advantage over everybody else.

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I’m Paul Guilfoyle, a business coach and consultant from the UK.

I’ve got an important fix that has helped many people achieve success online and offline.

But first let’s appreciate that success means different things to different people. With that simple insight, I was able to equip myself to help clients grow their business, make more money and really start to make sense of it all… helping them discover what they truly want from life whilst taking steps to fulfill their dreams.

Success isn’t just about having more money. Most people say they want more money but they also want more time. More freedom. Of course money is important but so is joy, happiness, friends, and loving family and relationships.

When it comes down to it most people agree that ultimate success actually requires 3 things-

1 You must decide exactly what you want.
2. You must develop a strategy to take action. Take the steps required to achieve your desired aim.
3. Develop the skill to recognize which steps are taking you closer to your goal and which are taking you further away.

Everyone can achieve their goal through trial and error. Unfortunately trial and error takes that most precious commodity of all, time. With trial and error you will run out of time. It inevitably leads to under achievement at best and outright failure at worse.

If you decide what you do want is to grow an offline business, you need to know about the four things required to do just that. The first two, generating leads and converting those leads into customers go a long way to achieving that objective.

If you own or plan to grow an offline business, whatever sector or niche you happen to be in, ask me about ways to help  you gain more leads and increase your rate of conversion of those leads into customers.

So here comes the fix I mentioned. Its a fix to the trial and error problem which I’m happily letting you in on.

For people looking to leverage the enormous power and global reach of the internet and build an online business. Or those simply looking to create an additional revenue stream…You’ll find below access to a genuine mentor and role model who teaches a special blueprint formula for ethically generating cash online. If you’re interested in owning a high converting funnel without having to create a product of your own this comes highly recommended.

Finally, if you would like to take this even further and discover the secret of generating unlimited amounts of paid and free traffic there’s potential, if you qualify, to become a consultant with an online educational business, benefiting from their wealth of resource and products teaching people how to start or grow a successful online business for themselves. InternetProfits is headed by an experienced highly successful UK based internet marketer who is helping to train brand new and experienced online marketers alike to profit in the online business world.

To find out more how you could earn while you learn I suggest you start this exciting journey by clicking on the link below …

If you would like to find out how I may be able to help you grow your business online or offline please get in touch via the contact page.

Profit From Your Love of Golf?

You may play golf. You may even love the game of golf. If so how great would it be to start a business centered around your passion. But wait! You don’t necessarily need to have ever participated in, or even know the first thing about  golf, to have the potential to make money in this niche.

One of the reasons I love online business so much is it offers the potential to leverage from the enormous power and global reach of the internet. The golf market not only comprises huge numbers of potential customers with money to spend. People you can help by providing quality products satisfying a truly global demand, and you only need a tiny fraction of this to turn a profit from a very low cost base.

Jeff at consistent golf created something that pretty much hands this to you on a platter. Of course this involves  work but if you’re looking for some kind of push button, do nothing instant riches kind of thing you must know you’re wasting your time. However, if you put in the time and effort to just follow along simple step by step instructions from a marketing pro in this goldmine of a niche, you’ll be in the golf business.

This could easily be your break through product.You even get a DFY (Done For You) – without any up-sell.

If like me, golf is one of your passions, or even if it isn’t and you just want to check out an opportunity to make money within a highly profitable online and offline niche click here to watch the free video.

Introducing my hero …my iphone hero

I recently found out how real business owners who don’t want to spend a fortune can promote their business using an amazing tool many of them are already carrying around in their pocket.

And its actually a lot simpler than you might think when you know how.

“Businesses using video grow revenue 49% faster year-on-year than organisations without video.” The problem is agencies will normally charge you a huge fee for making just a single Video.

So, I’ve lined up for you an exclusive Free 28 page Expert Guide revealing why your iPhone is the best Video Marketing Tool you already own!

This guide is written by Former BBC Director of hit TV shows ‘The Biggest Loser’ and ‘Pimp My Ride and creator of an iPhone Video making course for business owners.

Inside you’ll learn

How to leverage the iPhone in your pocket to Market your Business with Video!
Fully Master your iPhone’s video controls, including the one’s you didn’t even know existed!
Apps to make your Videos more professional!
Cool accessories to turn your iPhone into a Pro-style shooting machine!
What type of Videos to shoot to get the maximum ROI!

So don’t be the “biggest loser” . You don’t want to miss this. Here’s the link to the free guide. Click Here to download it while you can…totally free.

If you just want to check out Jules’ low priced training with a 30 day guarantee click here to test this out risk free.


How to start making money online

I was chatting recently with my good friend Bryan Winters about the questions we get asked the most frequently. So I’m writing this post with my thanks and acknowledgement to Bryan and of course with his permission.

Bryan told me that by far the # 1 question he gets asked from people looking to make money online is not about list building…It’s not about how to build a website…Not about how to get traffic…Not about blogging, or anything like that.

The question he’s most often asked is simply…

“How do I get started?”

So, here’s what Bryan had to say:
First off, there are many ways to make money online so it’s a broad question, but allow me to narrow it down and simplify it for you right here and now 🙂

Two of the most popular ways to make money online are as follows:

1. Affiliate marketing. This is where you promote other peoples’ products.

2. Product creation. This of course is where you create and market your
own product.

You can do one or the other or BOTH, but I’d start with affiliate marketing if you’re new to online marketing in general, because it’s much easier than product creation. Even if you want to eventually create your own product (which I do also recommend), it’s good to get your feet wet and learn the ropes via affiliate marketing…

And to get started you can simply set up an email capture page and give access to a valuable free report or some other valuable free gift ( like a video perhaps) when people subscribe to your email list.

You can set up your email capture page (just a simple ONE PAGE website) so that it automatically redirects each new subscriber you get to a high converting affiliate offer after they’ve subscribed to your email list.

So not only will you be building your email list by promoting your email capture page… You’ll also be making money as a percentage of your subscribers land on your affiliate offer after they’ve subscribed and decide to purchase the offer.

Then, you can set up an email training course that’s anywhere from 5 to 30 days/ messages long that goes out automatically to all of your subscribers. You can include links to your affiliate offer throughout your email training – meaning you’ll get additional sales and commissions from people who didn’t purchase your affiliate offer right after they subscribed to your email list.

In addition to your automated follow up emails, you can ‘broadcast’ messages to your whole email list at once. These broadcasts can be a mixture of useful articles or tips related to your chosen niche, and ads for other affiliate products that are also related to your niche.

By the way, you can search Google for ‘private label’ articles, email training, videos, etc., and often find ready made content that you can use to set up your email training series. Private label content can be modified as much or as little as you want to get it to sound the way you’d like, and you can sign YOUR name as author. PLR content is also usually very inexpensive.

With a one page website (email capture page) that redirects to a hot affiliate offer, and a series of email follow up messages, you are ready to start sending traffic and making money online!

And there you have it – “How To Get Started Online,” in a nutshell. 🙂

Keep in mind that Bryan offers  programs such as Hardcore Funnels that generates your own robust list and income building website FOR you almost instantly. So no need to mess around with web hosting or domain names and that sort of thing…

Definitely an option to consider if you aren’t sure how to set up an email capture page of your own that converts well.

Bryan’s My Funnel Empire  is a recommended product so if you’d like to learn more and access free membership please click here

How to exponentially increase your affiliate income

With credit to my friend Bryan Winters today I want to share a marketing strategy that could be worth a FORTUNE to you.

When you run ads online, especially paid ads, you have a choice…You can do what most people do, by always blasting out ads that lead directly to a paid offer of some kind.

And if all goes well you’ll make a few sales.But there’s another totally different approach that can be “exponentially” more effective…And that is to advertise an “affiliate”opportunity, meaning a way for OTHERS to make money right along with you.

The benefit in doing this is to bring on affiliates that send you sales on autopilot as a result of *their* efforts, meaning you’re saving money on traffic.Just one affiliate could end up making 5 times…10 times…even 20+ times the sales you’d typically make by promoting an offer directly. It all depends on how active they are.This is precisely why a lot of people have success with systems like HFSystem …Because right along with promoting the built-in paid offers…You’re ALSO bringing in referrals who CONTINUE to promote “under” you… And in doing so, they essentially become your affiliates who can make additional sales *for* you.

The bottom line is this…Would you rather promote a product and make a few sales, or would you prefer to amass an army of referrals / affiliates who make *autopilot* sales for you 24-7?

…Easy answer!

Now obviously there are instances where you want to promote offers directly,as well. So ultimately you could make both strategies part of your marketing plan. Simple as that.

With credit to Bryan here is an example you could get to work with right now..

The  hardcore funnel system itself 

Aweber Free Guide

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A How To Guide To Getting Started

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Traffic Training-10 easy ways to flood your funnel with traffic…

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

This information has been brought to you with the consent of  founder and owner of the  Hardcore Funnel system my good friend, Bryan Winters.

It will help you make you sales, if you follow it!

Many aspiring online marketers, especially newbies, only give opportunities a very, shall we say, “faint hearted” effort…I know because I was once one of these myself – but fortunately I’m not one to quit. Meaning, they sign up for things, send a few clicks or run one ad, and then if cash doesn’t come pouring down on them, they instantly give up.
That is a sure sign of total inexperience. Experienced marketers generally do not even BEGIN to judge the effectiveness of an offer without sending thousands of quality clicks and/or getting hundreds of leads.

It’s simple maths. A 1% conversion rate for instance is pretty solid in some cases. So that’s 1 person out of 100 joining an offer ( not joining the list but taking up the initial offer). But it’s entirely possible to get Zero conversions in your first hundred visits….While going on to get 2 or more  conversions on your next one hundred visits. This happens regularly. It’s normal. It’s the simple law of averages. So to give up and drop out after only a few dozen leads or even a couple hundred, is a big “newbie” mistake”.

In fact, this quite possibly is one of the # 1 newbie mistakes and success killers online.

Let’s put it this way. Nobody has ever succeeded with anything online, to my knowledge, having sent only a few hundred clicks or even a couple of hundred leads. If that’s all a person is willing to do, they shouldn’t join a program or promote an offer in the first place,  because that’s not online business, that’s just dead end “dabbling.”

I’ve heard Mike Geary, the famous author of the Truth About Abs ebook, *almost* gave up early on because he wasn’t making the sales he expected at first. But he PERSISTED, and went on to make millions of dollars per year.

Another thing is your quality of leads. If you’re sending poor quality traffic (freebie seekers) then you are going to get leads (subscribers) that are also freebie seekers and are not as likely to buy.

So for example if you’re running an email solo ad, you want to try to send to subscribers that have bought things in the past.

Lots of people “dabble” with an opportunity or offer and then simply give up.

That’s just not smart marketing. A trickle of traffic leads to a trickle of results,which excites precisely nobody, LOL… It’s like test driving a new car, but only in the car park and never really opening it up or giving it a long enough  ride to see how it really performs.

There’s a really useful formula you can apply to any offer-

Traffic + converting offer(s) = Cash

Note you must have a converting offer but unless this has already been tested for you in the way Dean Holland’s offers have been, you need to test this yourself. Inevitably then there will be some winners and losers. So find a winning offer then reinvest some profit to scale up.

When testing any offer to see whether you will succeed at it, here are some rules of thumb:

– Send at *least* 1,000 *quality* clicks.
– Generate at *least* 300 leads.
– Focus on QUALITY traffic (solo ads, banner ads, etc).
– Go where the *buyers* are.

Now…with all that said, you need to be able to send ENOUGH traffic to start “reading” results.

Bryan Winters, has put together 10 relatively easy ways to absolutely flood a funnel with visitors…
You can use these methods to test any offer but I’ve seen some excellent results with the Hardcore Funnel system but obviously you need to  test this for yourself.

The following training has been compiled to work with Bryan’s HFS system and you’ll find a link at the bottom of this post  to create your own free HFS account. However, it can be easily adapted to use for the promotion of almost any online offer…

Your goal: Pick one thing from the list and do it DAILY!
1. Send out an email ad to somebody else’s email list.

These are called solo ads. There are a ton of solo ad venues listed in the HFS Traffic Directory but Udimi is a good place to start. This is my affiliate link as I do use this myself.

(There are prewritten solo ads on your HFS Ready Made Ads page inside the HardcoreFunnels member area).

2. Place banner ads.

…and keep doing it until you have ten, fifty, even a hundred banner ads running all over the place. Try to negotiate *permanent* ad placement so that you
don’t have to worry about maintaining the banner ad month by month. You just “set it and forget it.” There’s a LONG list of sites that accept banner ads in the HFS Traffic Directory.

Make SURE to read over Bryan’s banner ad tips in the Traffic Tips tutorial found on the Ready Made Ads page (in the HFS member area).

3. Do email ad swaps.

…Once you have a list of a few hundred subscribers, start setting up free ad swaps with other list owners. This is why building up your list to at least 300 to 500 subscribers should be one of your 1st goals – because ad swaps are a
way to get unlimited FREE traffic. So use PAID traffic to build up, and then
you can start doing ad swaps.

Swapping ads doesn’t means swapping your actual subscriber email addresses with other people, by the way. It just means that you send their
email ad out to your list, while they do the same for you. You schedule a day of the week to do the swap.

Here’s a big “club” of people that do email ad swaps – 100% free traffic: Now, don’t make this your ONLY strategy. But
certainly add it to your list!

4. Run pay per click (PPC) ads on Facebook Ads.

Here’s the link to get you started:
PPC is where you pay anywhere from 10 cents to 75 cents (usually in that range) for each click on your link –

Facebook itself has a lot of good information on how to run successful ads. Make use of it.

You probably won’t be able to advertise your HFS funnel directly, because Facebook is sort of “shy” about Internet marketing offers in general.

And if not, what you can do is simply promote a Facebook (or blog) page that you’ve set up for the purpose of promoting…You can then get “Likes” on your page, you can post banner ads to your page, you can pay to have your banner ads “boosted” so as to appear prominently in the newsfeeds of your page fans, etc. You can post YouTube video reviews on your Facebook page. You
can provide traffic tips and training of your own, etc…

Your HardcoreFunnels / Facebook page becomes your own “hub of activity” for the Hardcore Funnel System which can generate a lot of *active* and
*involved* HFS referrals for you.

5. Advertise on the web’s biggest online marketing forum!

Go to and click on “Advertise with us.”

(This is actually just another example of *endless* places to post banner ads.)

6. Swap banner ads, or use Bryan’s free banner ad placement ‘trick’.

Contact sellers on JVZoo,, and other networks and either offer to SWAP banner ads (you place their ad on your blog or Facebook page, provided you’re getting some traffic already, and they do the same for you)…
OR, offer to run a couple solo ads for their product through IN EXCHANGE for having your HardcoreFunnels banner ad placed on their download page or member home page…

You still make any commissions resulting from the solo ads (so like any normal
affiliate promo, PLUS you get your HFS banner ad placed on their site). Some sellers will turn this offer down, but some will GLADLY take it – meaning you get yourself FREE banner ad placement on their product download page which only BUYERS see!

Or, just offer a flat fee to have your banner permanently placed on their page. Negotiate a deal, in this regard.

7. Send out to your list.

This is an obvious one. 😉 Send out regular ads to your own email list (assuming
you have one). Use curiosity provoking headlines and ad copy.

Also consider all the current Internet marketing “property” you already own – blogs, sites, download pages, member areas, You-tube channels – and place ads for HFS wherever you can.

8. Set up an email signature file.
Create a “signature file” in your email client (such as Gmail or Yahoo) including
an attention grabbing, curiosity provoking text ad for HardcoreFunnels -including your HFS funnel link, of course.

9. Set up automated follow up emails.

…That go out to your list, encouraging people to either join HFS, or if they’re already HFS members, encouraging them to MONETIZE their HFS system
“through Step 2 in the HFS member area.” You can also swap automated email follow up messages with other email list owners through!

10. Participate in POPULAR internet marketing forums.

…like, and create a signature file leading to a Facebook page,You-Tube video review, or blog page review, for the HardcoreFunnels system. (Take care to read and understand their rules…The Warrior Forum doesn’t let you link directly to affiliate products, but you can link to your own blog page, for example.)

…And there you have it! There are SO MANY ways to get traffic because there are SO MANY people constantly online. Go where the people are! Traffic is not a “mystery.” You’re simply getting your ad out in front of people who are
most likely to be interested in what you’re offering.

Go for it and don’t stop until you have reached reasonable GOALS that you’ve set for yourself – and remember what Bryan mentioned about *properly*
testing your offer… 25 leads is not a “goal.” 😉

So, thanks to Bryan for the above.

A final point I want to make .Really there are only 2 types of traffic. Paid and unpaid. However, free traffic isn’t really free. The cost depends on how much you value your time. It also works a lot slower than paid traffic. You can use such methods as blogging, forum marketing, video marketing  and using social media. Paid traffic can be much more instant and it enables you to see what’s working and what’s not working much quicker.

Obviously the downside is paid traffic costs money. So  I recommend setting a weekly or monthly budget you can afford and stick to it. If you find what you are promoting sells consider scaling up… by re-investing profits.

You should know that some will always do worse, some much better than others, in any business venture. I struggled for years to make money online. Then I got my first ever $200 day. A few months after that I had my first $1,000 day. Its pretty exciting when that happens.

Many new people in internet marketing say they don’t have money to invest in their business. Internet Marketing is like any other business. It needs to be treated like a real business in order to make a success of it. The great advantage it has over most offline or most other businesses is that relatively at least,  it doesn’t really require a lot of money.

You may need to invest money or a great deal of time before you see any return.

I started an IM business alongside a successful offline business so I did have some money to invest. However, I spent years throwing money away on junk products (shiny objects) which I thought would give me the answer I was looking for. It didn’t!

I never minded that much spending the money …it was the time wasted on products that didn’t do what they say they did that I  regretted the most. Time is something we can never get back. Its much more valuable than money.

I became afraid of wasting yet more time and more money…there’s so much trash and hype in the IM space. I stopped buying junk and learn’t some internet marketing reality.

That “reality” for me is you  need to  be careful what you spend your money on.
It has to serve a purpose that leads to making money not wasting money.

Which takes me back to the InternetProfits success formula-
Traffic + Converting offer(s) = Cash

Once you find an offer or a funnel of offers that converts it starts to make sense to invest some money in traffic. The crucial issue obviously is that the commissions you can earn throughout the funnel must be greater than the cost of the traffic. Build a list at the same time as earning commissions. Look out for quality offers that pay monthly residual as well as back end offers, especially big commission back end offers.


To find out more about INTERNETPROFITS click here

And with credit to Bryan Winters for his help in putting together content in this post…You can create a free hardcore funnels account here


Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

BCB Review


Since this review there has been a major overhaul of Big Commission Blueprint. This is a major enhancement benefiting all users.


bcbimage                                                                                        Here follows my original review of the “Big Commission Blueprint” and how it has helped me on my journey to becoming a better, more successful internet marketer.




Click here  to watch the free in depth video review with absolutely no obligation to buy.



is an overview covering exactly what is meant by Big Commissions. If you’ve been trying to make money online without success you may find here one of the major reasons you may be struggling to make any decent income online.

This module alone can start to change everything for you. Your life and your business can be turned around fast. Would you prefer to have to find 10,000 customers or just 50 customers in a year? BCB teaches you the exact system to making high ticket commissions.

Module 2


This module examines the Millionaire Mindset. I was tempted to skip this but was very glad I didn’t. Don’t be tempted to miss this because if you are ever going to be successful you need the right mindset.

This may be something lots of us take for granted but here you learn the 7 things you can do now to set you on the path to become a successful internet marketer. With no limit to the amount of money you can earn online. Grow to whatever level you would like to be.

It was this that finally cured me of the nonsense idea of quick “push- button” internet riches. If you’ve ever had trouble setting or achieving goals there is a power shift to be found in this module.

What will you become in your business with quality guidance, help and training?

Module 3


The fog of internet marketing overwhelm and confusion was completely lifted for me here. No more push button garbage. I cleared out all the junk and stopped being persuaded to buy new shiny objects.

Dean went on to show me how I could free up lots of time to focus on switching from being a buyer to putting all that time into becoming a real internet marketer with a real business.

The module covers the 2 ways of making money online for people who are looking for ways to gain experience and get some results. Then if you wish, as so many have wished before you; grow your results to enable you to replace your income from quitting your job.

Module 4


This covers the single most important thing you need to know to make a success of your business and shows you how there is a massive amount of available traffic.


The success metric

How to get high converting traffic + a high converting system which results in SALES.

BCB is the flagship of the ipro program and the Complete BCB System consists of a further 8 modules, 12 modules in all of step by step training moving you towards earning big commissions. It also includes Module Checklists, 24/7 Access starting instantly, and Private Community Group Access, as well as a secret $97 value bonus.

The Big Commission Blueprint  has been designed to offer massive value for a very affordable investment. Therefore if you’re serious about making money online you may want to waste no more time. Get started on the road to having your very own successful internet business with your own Big Commission Blueprint.

Find out more about BCB without committing to buy.

Watch the free video- all is explained here-


Auto enrolment, small companies and directors-some good news.

There are new laws that have already been introduced regarding work place pensions.
If you’re an employer you’ll be legally obliged to automatically enrol your employees into a
workplace pension scheme, rather than them actively choosing to join your scheme; and if they don’t want to be in, they must actively opt out.

We are moving ever nearer to deadline for all employers to enter Auto enrolment and some employers have already been fined for failing to enroll their employees.

A small or medium size business staging date is likely to be between 2014 and 2016.
Some may be a bit later.

The Pension’s Regulator will likely contact employers 6 to 12 months before their staging date but they recommend being prepared 12-18 months in advance. You can find out your staging date by looking at The Pensions Regulator site.

All employers with at least one member of staff must enroll those who are eligible into a
workplace pension scheme and contribute towards it.

Clearly there are costs for employers:the actual cost in money terms of paying a % salary for all workers as well as considerable costs of compliance. One way of reducing costs is to enter into a salary exchange agreement with employees but this should be done well in advance of the staging date.

All employers need to take steps to make sure their eligible staff are enrolled into a pension scheme. Even if they already pay contributions into a pension scheme for staff, they must ensure it is suitable for automatic enrolment.

Automatic enrolment is a legal duty and if an employer doesn’t act they will undoubtedly be heavily fined. Good professional advice should always be taken.

But what about Directors and Auto enrolment?
How are very small limited companies and their director(s) affected? At last there is some good news! This hinges on whether a director is considered to be a worker.
A director of a company is not classed as a worker unless he or she works for the company under a contract of employment and there is at least one other person working for the company under a contract of employment.

A director who is not working under an employment contract is never classed as a worker and these rules also apply if there is more than one director of the same company. Although companies are no longer required to have one,similar considerations will apply to the office of Company Secretary.

What to do next?

You cannot just ignore the issue and hope it will go away. If you believe that automatic enrolment duties do not apply to you as a director or your fellow directors you must let The Pensions Regulator know.

You may recive a letter from the Regulator which advises you of your staging date.
You should visit

where you will find a pre-populated email to send to them which should ensure the record is updated to show that your company is not an employer.

The pre-populated email contains the following-
1. I confirm that [add your company name here] is not an employer for the purposes of automatic enrolment for the following reason.
[please select one option from the list below and delete the others]
a) There is only one director and there are no other staff working for the company.
b) The only people working for the company are directors and none of them have an employment contract.
c) The only people working for the company are directors and only one of them has an employment contract.
d) The company does not or no longer employs any staff because it has ceased trading/is terminally insolvent eg has gone into liquidation/has been dissolved.

2. The letter code for the company is: [add your letter code here]
3. The PAYE scheme(s) reference is: [add your PAYE reference(s) here]
4. The Companies House number (where applicable): [add your Companies House number (if you have one) here]
5. The name, email address, address and telephone number of contact at the company: [add these details here]

If circumstances change and auto enrolment becomes applicable you will must notify the Regulator and take necessary action to enrol.

What Are Resell Rights, Private Label Rights, and Royalty Rights

Resale rights products are considered to be the easiest ways to make money online. You don’t have to make any effort to create sales pages or choose professional graphics because the hard work is already done for you. The only work you have to do is, buying the product and its resale right, loading it on your website and selling it. You can make money with the help of resale rights products in two ways:

First method is purchasing the resale rights of someone else’s product and enjoying 100% profit when it is sold.

Second method is selling the resale rights to other interested sellers and keeping 100% profit with you.

In order to be successful, it is essential to understand the different resell right types and what you can do with them.

Basic resell rights:

The right for reselling the product is only given to the seller and the customer of that product cannot sell it to someone else. 100% profit remains with the seller.

Private label rights:

Private label rights is considered to be the holy grail of all resell rights. When a seller purchases this right, he or she is free to make any desired changes in the product. They can put their own name on it, sell master or basic rights to the product or sell it for profit. Sellers don’t have to spend hours to create a product and they are free to manage it the way they want.

Master resale rights:

The seller not only gets the right for reselling the product but also to resell the product’s basic resell rights. So, if a customer purchases basic resell rights of a product, he or she can make profit by then selling it to someone else.

Royalty rights:

Under royalty rights, sellers will have to pay a percentage to the author or owner of the product for every e-book they sell.

Give away rights:

Give away rights means that a seller can give away the product to anyone for free, but no resale or editing can be done to it.

As a seller once you get the product you must start studying your competitors. You need to know what strategies they are implementing so that you do something different and better. More incentives and bonuses can be thrown in for making an offer attractive to potential customers. This is necessary because online customers are used to shopping by comparison and if your deal is good you can make a lot of money.

You can start with just one product and put in all the hard work and effort to make it successful. You will have to be ready to give it everything you have if you want to reap a good amount. In case you are good at writing, you can perform the task of editing sales pages on your own and make it appear more attractive to the buyers. After you sell one product you can try your hand at another one and keep on repeating the process.